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Every now and then I create a FREE guide, workbook, cheat sheet or checklist to help you build your expat mum support system. Browse below to see which ones are available right now and get them today!


The 25 totally awesome apps for expat mums

Expat mums get very little help. I tackle that by creating systems and automating (the boring) bits of my life. You can start too by checking out these apps and choosing the right ones for you!

Create your expat mum support system

Are you tired of being lost and overwhelmed? You need a support system! Duh! Well, following the 8 steps of this cheat sheet you can start today!

Create your personalised language strategy

This 7-step workbook will help you plan and define the best language strategy for your multilingual kids! No more guessing and doubting yourself!


Build your own expat mum support system

This free mini-course will help you set the foundations to start building what every expat mother craves: a support system!

Do you have a guide/cheat sheet/workbook or any kind of expat lifehack in mind that would help you feel fully supported and thrive as an expat mum? Leave your comments below and let me know!

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