The expat mum struggles I have been an expat for quite some time. I became one at a very delicate age (17), but it didn’t break me. Although I did sacrifice some things that “local” kids did because I fought the cultural shock by studying compulsively, I don't regret a single one of the choices I've made in my life. However, becoming a mother as a squared expat (living in a different country to
How can expat mothers deal with overcoming motherhood insecurities For mothers, and more so expat mums, insecurities sprout from everywhere. And since we lack the social support network of non-expat mums, overcoming motherhood struggles and insecurities can be a tough one. We’ve all been there. We have all felt the feeling of dread when we step into the unknown. The unknown could be the birth of your first (or second, or third) born,
The ugly truth Most probably, nobody ever warned you before you became an expat. You will lose a lot of old friends. I’m sure you promised to them – with tears in your eyes – that you would have called every day, sent emails, texts and photos. I’m positive you did (for a while). I bet you’ve stopped soon enough. And it happened; you lost a lot of friends. The beautiful truth But
The increasingly frequent phenomenon of the multilingual child How do multilingual children come to be? There seem to be two main possibilities: either they're born in a country with more than one official language, or they're exposed to more than language through -most probably- their parents, whose mother tongue is not the language of the country where their children are growing up. But, why are there increasing numbers of multilingual children? Easy! Increasing



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