Expat motherhood

Who said it was easy?
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If you are...

photo-1470165525439-3cf9e6dccbadA newly expat mum

You're about or have just given birth as an expat. You feel exhausted, alone and lost. The lack of your tribe weighs heavy on you.

photo-1461551449292-b63f7419ac93Trying to balance it all

Do you feel the logistic and emotional weight of your family on your shoulders?

photo-1461468611824-46457c0e11fdTrying to find your identity

Do you feel like you've lost your identity by becoming an expat mum?

photo-1444840535719-195841cb6e2bWorrying about your kids

Do you fear about the future of your multicultural kids? Do you fear they'll lack a cultural connection to you, or if they'll succeed to become multilingual?

You've come to the right place!

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I have gone through all of those thoughts during my 15 years as an expat (almost half my life!).
Over the years, I have grown incredibly resilient and resourceful. And it was all thanks to all of my expat adventures (College, PhD, Marriage, Children!).

Here you will find all the resources I have developed to enjoy my life as an expat mom by staying on top of things. In other words, here are my Expat Lifehacks!

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